1000 Double Sided Flueless c.w. Black Trim

1000 Double Sided Flueless c.w. Black Trim

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Available as either a single sided or double sided unit.
These units have a steel firebox c/w with a standard 40mm thick black frame.

This firebox gets built into your masonry wall. On completion of building, the grate style chosen, as well as any of the 6 optional trims, can be easily fitted to the firebox. This gives considerable versatility to the unit in enabling a wide range of looks to suit each person’s individual style.

Perfect for the developer, who can build in a standard firebox and later customize this to each purchaser’s choice as the units are sold.
Available in 700 or 1000mm size.
Choice of standard frame or any of the 6 optional frames.
Heating capacity of 5 to 10kw, 200 – 400m³ dependant on model chosen.