Flame Dancer Flue-less Abstracts

Flame Dancer Flue-less Abstracts

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Flame Dancer Flue-less Abstracts – A range of flue-less gas fires developed by Infiniti Fires using their high tech Flamer Dancer grate.

The Flame Dancer grates are designed to give both stunning visual appeal as well as very low emissions, very important in a flue-less gas appliance.

These industry leading low emissions are very beneficial in terms of:

  • a virtually odourless grate
  • a very safe grate with lower amounts of Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide produced
  • a more efficient grate as more of the carbon in the fossil fuel is converted in the combustion process to useable heat.

Flame Dancer Flue-less Abstracts units are available with heating capacities of 200m³ or 300m³. The FD 200 unit is ideal for those smaller rooms from 60m³ upwards and the FD300 unit from 98m³ upwards.


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