Rotisserie Grids

Rotisserie Grids

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Rotisserie Grids are used in conjunction with motors which rotate your foodstuff over a fire whether being gas, charcoal or wood embers. They are chrome plated and come in three different sizes and shapes. Manufactured in South Africa and have a one year warrantee.

LKS126/8 is a standard 380mm by 135mm by 90mm deep basket.

LKS126/11 is a large 500mm by 135mm by 90mm high basket.

LKS126/10 is a flat 380mm by 205mm by 45mm high basket.

LKS126/15 is a large Flat basket 500mm by 305mm x 45mm high basket.

LKS126/8 is a deep basket suitable for roasting chickens size 380mm by 135 by 90mm high.

LKS126/11 is a deep large basket suitable for roasting chickens. size is 500mm long by 135m wide and 90mm high.

LKS126/9 is just a shaft and prongs for roasting joints shaft size is 650mm long.

LKS126/16 is again a shaft and prongs for roasting joints with a shaft size of 740mm.

Rotisserie cooking is very underrated by most people but in our opinion is the best way to cook meat over an open fire without burning your food. Reason being natural fats do not drip onto the coals creating flare ups, but rather follow the foods as it rotates. This keeps food moist and crisps  the outer skin perfectly. we do sell prongs, shafts, bushes and handles separately should they get lost. Motors are either battery or electrically operated and are readily available from us.